Chamilia Black Friday Liquidation at Blooming Boutique


Blooming Boutique Charms ( has been trying for a while to liquidate their remaining Chamilia stock. Most of the stock is already at 50% to 60% off, but in light of Black Friday approaching, you can now take an additional 50% off using code “BLACKFRIDAY16”. As per the image above (courtesy of Blooming Boutique), the deal has already started and ends on November 28th.

Since the savings are so substantial, I imagine their stock will be going fast. I’ve ordered from them in the past and the packages arrived quickly. I should also mention that they ship from the US and the prices on their website are in US dollars.

Since I’ve already bought some charms from the official Chamilia website, I most likely won’t indulge in this promo (but don’t hold me to that, LOL). Also, check out my previous post for more info about the Chamilia 2016 Black Friday deals. 🙂

Chamilia 2016 Black Friday Promos

Chamilia Black Friday 2016

Good news, everyone! Chamilia is starting their Black Friday sale early! From now until November 25th, enjoy up to 50% off on select items on the official Chamilia website. I’ve browsed through the selection twice and I found lots of charms that I wanted. I tried to be disciplined though and only bought three charms.** 🙂

There are two other deals also worth mentioning. The first being the Murano Mania deal in which the more Murano glass charms you buy, the more you save. Not all of their Murano charms qualify for this promo, so be sure to only choose from the Murano Mania section of the website.

The second deal is the 2016 Black Friday Bracelet set which includes one 19cm Oval Snap Bracelet and one Splendor Charm. I totally would have snapped this one up if only the bracelet was in my size. This set is offered at a special price of $100 CAD and valued at $155. I think this would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

2016 Black Friday Bracelet (courtesy of Chamilia)


I think a lot of the 50% off charms will sell out quickly, so I recommend checking out the website as soon as you get a chance ( I’m curious as to what you think of the deals and whether or not you will be taking advantage of these Black Friday offers, so please comment below!

(**The charms that I purchased are Mouse King, Be Merry (Green Murano Glass), and Snowy Pinecone — I can’t wait to add them to my Chamilia Xmas bracelet!)

My first Soufeel purchase

first Soufeel beads

Hello all!

Today’s post is a review of two Soufeel charms that I purchased recently.

First of all, Soufeel is a brand that I’ve been quite interested in for a while. Initially, I was hesitant about trying out this brand because there’s always some level of risk involved when purchasing things online and I’ve seen some mixed reviews about the brand which left me feeling a little on-the-fence about them. After thinking about it for a while, I spent some birthday money I received back in September towards two charms: ‘Sea Turtle’ and ‘Lilac Flower Murano Glass’.

Some of my Instagram followers pointed out that this ‘Sea Turtle’ looks an awful lot like the Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Tortoise and I have to say that I don’t disagree. Although, the Soufeel one appears to be rounder and is more of a peridot green as opposed to the Thomas Sabo version which is olive green. (Click the images below to see close-up shots of the Soufeel Sea Turtle.)

img_20161104_182916  img_20161104_182830 img_20161104_182848

The Sea Turtle is really cute and very detailed. My favorite part of the charm is the underside; just look at the adorable little feet!

Since I love muranos, I just had to order one of murano glass charms as well.


In the image above, you’ll see my picture on the left and the stock image on the right (courtesy of I must admit that when I ordered this charm, I was expecting it to be more purple (as it is called ‘Lilac Flower Murano’ after all). However, the actual charm that I received is more of a baby blue instead. While I’m a tad disappointed that the charm isn’t the color I was hoping for, I still think it’s very pretty.

This Soufeel murano glass is very comparable to Pandora in terms of size, weight, and style — even the silver core looks very similar to that of a Pandora murano glass.


To conclude, I would say that I’ll most likely buy from Soufeel again as they have a lot charms and some stacking rings that I’m quite interested in. They have daily deals and other promotions all the time and they are worth checking out. The prices are reasonable and free shipping is available for purchases of $59 (CAD) or over. My only concern with buying from their website is that the stock images may not always show the true color or fine details of the charms.

Do you have any Soufeel charms? What are your thoughts about the brand?


Review: Chamilia Holiday 2016 Collection

Happy Saturday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m back today to review Chamilia’s Holiday 2016 Collection.

Winter Woodland Stack Baking Stack

First of all, there are TOO many charms that I like from this collection. As you would expect, this collection is primarily focused on Christmas-themed charms, but Chamilia has expanded the In the Kitsch line too. As someone who loves to cook and bake, I’m so happy to see them expand In the Kitsch. The charms from this line are very 1960’s inspired which I’m a total sucker for.

Cookie Cutter

Key Lime Pie





I predicted that the Cookie Cutter charm will be very popular and many of my Instagram followers have proven that to be correct. It’s very affordable and extremely cute! To my surprise, I also really like the heavily-enameled Key Lime Pie even though I must admit I think it looks more like strawberry shortcake than key lime pie.


As a Canadian who lives near the Canadian Rockies, the Moose charm appealed to me instantly. At $35, it’s a fairly priced silver charm that features a little bit of enamel to highlight its facial features.






I’m not a skier or snowboarder, but I think the Skis charm will be popular for those who enjoy the sport. The Sled charm brings back happy childhood memories for me so I loved that one instantly. As with most holiday releases, there are some of the more traditional Christmas charms such as St. Nicholas, Jolly Elf, Candy Cane, Mr. Snowman, etc. Anything two-tone (silver and gold) always catches my eye, so Gilded Gifts is definitely one of my favorites from this release.

Snowman Jolly Elf St. Nicholas Pine Boughs Treasure Ornamental TreeGilded Gifts

There are a few beautifully packaged gift sets as well. Perhaps the most notable one is the ‘Night Before Christmas’ Gift Set which consists of nine charms, two locks, and a bracelet – all of which are only available in the set.

Night Before Christmas Gift Set Night Before Christmas Gift Set (out of box)

In addition to the holiday jewelry, there will be a couple of promotions — one for Black Friday and another for December. I will provide more details in future posts.

To conclude, I would say that I’m most excited about the In the Kitsch charms from this release. I have a small collection of Christmas-themed charms from previous years so I’m excited about adding more to my holiday collection as well.

My Holiday Bracelet Inspiration

Do you see anything you like? Comment below to tell me about your favorites!

(DISCLAIMER: All stock images in this post are courtesy of Chamilia ( All other images belong to beadsonabudget.)

Thomas Sabo Summer Sale


(Image courtesy of Thomas Sabo)


Thomas Sabo is now offering 50% off on a great selection of retiring jewelry until July 17th. You’ll find plenty of charms, beads, pendants, earrings, rings, and more on their official website. I personally find that the best selection can be found at their flagship stores so if there’s one near you, I highly recommend that you see the sale items in person.

There are definitely a few things from the Karma Beads line that I’ve had my eye on which are part of the sale. I’m super tempted to indulge, but I still need to recover from the Pandora Free Leather Bracelet Promo, which is still ongoing for those of you who want to participate.

Will you be picking up anything from the Thomas Sabo Summer Sale? 🙂